4 Overhyped Video Games That Failed Miserably In The Modern Era

Hype can be a double-edged sword in the gaming industry. On one hand, the hype could help a game build anticipation and momentum heading to its final release date.

On the other hand, if the game fails to deliver on the expectations players had about the game, the negative reception could dissuade others from even giving a game the appreciation it deserves. Here are 4 games from the modern era that failed spectacularly due to the hype.

Duke Nukem Forever (2011)

Perhaps one of the more memorable gaming catastrophes of the modern era was the release of Duke Nukem Forever in mid-2011. Officially announced way back in 1996, the game had one of the most troubling development periods of any game in the modern era. In development for over a decade, the game was supposed to be a follow-up to _Duke Nukem 3D, _which in itself is no small feat.

The original _Duke Nukem 3D _was beloved by both critics and gamers alike, so hype for its eventual sequel was at an all-time high even after multiple delays throughout the mid-2000s. Unfortunately what was released in 2011 was an underwhelming, buggy, and boring shooter experience that fell victim to its long development time and outdated game design.

No Man’s Sky (2016)

A game that promises to revolutionize the gaming landscape may seem like an exaggeration, but this is what Hello games promised when it unveiled_ No Man’s Sky in late 2013. Promising a procedural generation of its game world, many had high expectations of the final product, with some even believing that the game could surpass games such as _Minecraft in terms of quality and popularity.

It was these godly expectations that unfortunately caused a ton of controversy for the game before and after its launch. Perhaps the biggest point players brought up was the lack of features Hello Games promised in its advertising and marketing, such as the integration of multiplayer upon its release. While the game has since been updated and is now highly praised in its current state, one cannot deny the notoriety the game originally received upon its launch.

Anthem (2019)

When Bioware, the creators of the_ Mass Effect_ Series, announced that they were bringing their sci-fi expertise to an online multiplayer RPG experience, gamers immediately bought into the hype. Considering how highly regarded the _Mass Effect _series was, many drooled over the prospect of an online RPG action game combined with an engaging world and deep lore that Bioware is known for.

When the game was finally released in February 2019, it received mixed reviews from gamers and critics alike. Many immediately compared the game to _Destiny, _another game similar to _Anthem, _though not in a favorable context. Critics felt that Bioware’s signature storytelling and lore were painfully missing, and the gameplay derivative and repetitive. Despite moderate commercial success, players generally believe _Anthem _to be a flop and a prime example of a big-budget developer under-delivering on player’s expectations.

Fallout 76′ (2018)

_Fallout 76′ _is unique in the sense that every aspect of the game, both internally and externally, received negative reactions both prior to and after its launch. Designed as the first _Fallout _game to be multiplayer-focused, many die-hard fans were both excited and skeptical on how Bethesda could integrate multiplayer in an otherwise single-player-focused franchise.

Once it was released in 2018, the game received overwhelmingly negative reviews from gamers. The game was released with a plethora of bugs and glitches, with early patches by Bethesda even introducing more issues. Bethesda’s initial silence on the increasing vocal negativity towards the game also did not help ease the negative views surrounding the game. One of the more negatively received aspects of the game was the absence of interactive non-playable characters, a staple within the Fallout series.

Even the physical goodies that came from purchasing a physical premium copy of the same were criticized. with many complaining that the items did not match the original product’s description. While its current state is now viewed more favorably, the reception upon its release is forever remembered as one of the most negatively viewed game releases in recent history.

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